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Did I really need a f**king Leica??

  • Zeiss Ikon
  • Hexar RF
  • Voigtlander Bessa Series

Pretenders to the Throne?

Zeiss Ikon
Hexar RF
Hexar RF
Bessa R3m

Enter The Leica

The Cost of a Leica

  • A new Leica M-A is $4100 (body only)
  • A new Leica MP is $4300 (body only)
  • A new Leica M7 is $4395 ($5795 with a 50mm Summicron f2)

The two ‘lesser’ Leicas

The Beginner Leica Package

User Review – Bronica GS-1

Bronica GS-1 system map
Scanned system overview map from – this guy has saved my butt many times with manuals from older film cameras, please take time to donate to his website!
GS-1 polaroid
(test shot of my wife, hopefully she won’t mind me posting this here!)
ultra rare 500mm
Found this on eBay for a Buy it now price of $2400
Speedlight G
I couldn’t imagine shooting with this setup, looks pretty bulky, but TTL flash….
Bronica GS advert July 1984
Here’s a black and white ad from a Singapore newspaper in July of 1984
Concrete 6x7
Seems like Bronica is making a statement about the other 6×7 player in town here – ad from an American Photo mag 1992
The Bronica Edge
The Bronica Edge – Seems like the GS-1 was good enough for Playboy photographer David Mercy. The ad also points out an important fact: Bronica was the only company to offer a medium format SLR in each of the major formats (6×4.5, 6×6, and 6×7)…
Free Bronnys!
Damn, a free extra body giveaway! Too bad I had just started my freshman year in college at this time, and I know I didn’t have the money lying around to sink into a medium format system!
Bronny American Photo 1991
Holy crap, look at this offer, buy a GS-1 system and for $250 more you got a 65 or 150mm lens!!!! (ad from American Photo 1991)
Fuji 400H + 100mm – Back when I thought that I wanted to shoot models… Dev & Scan by Richard Photo Lab
Portra 160 + 110 Macro, I can’t remember if I used the G-18 extension tube on this shot
Portra 160 NC (I miss NC…) + 100mm. Richard Photo Lab Dev & Scan
  1. Focus and compose your shot and set your exposure
  2. trip the mirror lock up switch (on the bottom of the camera on the left side of the lens)
  3. take the shot
  4. move the MLU switch back to its normal position (I also re insert the darkslide at this point – not necessary, but I just like to do it anyways…)
  5. trip the multiple exposure switch, to set the camera for a multiple exposure
  6. wind the crank, this will lower the mirror
  7. set the multiple exposure switch back to normal
  8. wind the crank again, this will advance the film to the next frame
  9. get setup for your next shot!

Highly Recommended*

*just be aware that it takes some time to build up a kit, unless you buy from someone selling a package deal.

Analog as F**k – a Minolta HiMatic AF2 review

nice in b-ham
it was nice to be in Birmingham
a shot from my one test roll with this camera on Expired FP4 – I certainly wasn’t going to chicken out with the camera on this trip!
My HiMatic AF2 with a Lance Camera Strap – if you love the corded strap look, but don’t want to pay the price of some of the other ones out on the market, give these guys a look…
You only have to hear “Beep-Beep-Beep” a couple of times before you know what it is, I could just imagine dads back in the 80s yelling out “I’m not too close!”. Also the Film window with the orange indicator is a nice touch, it tells you when the camera is loaded (since there is no film window)
Overview of the city
a is for elephant
Yes, this was sitting in someone’s lawn. While we had stopped to get our bearings (waiting for the GPS to load), I ran out and took a quick shot. I really like how the flash created highlights in the metal
We did a lot of this…
sai photo
a lot of this too…
live for happiness
Good thought for 2016 and beyond…
also, you have to notice there’s not much distortion in this shot, just a little on the bottom left.
bham map
The flash really brought out details on this map…
thank you for visiting
No, thank you Birmingham, I will be back!

Holga, we hardly knew you (1982-2015)

  • one shutter speed (1/100 of a second – which wasn’t always 100% accurate)
  • “two” apertures
  • zone focus
  • a wide angle plastic lens that I couldn’t change
  • and you weren’t light tight, all sort of weird leaks always made their way onto the film, so much that taping you up with black gaffer tape was just an excepted ritual to prepare a new out of the box Holga to shoot its first roll of film

Film is WORM

I don’t think that they consider your film important enough for a Viking’s funeral, still from Youtube user Mukeybear
  • Maybe you’re doing a personal 365 day or 52 weeks photo project
  • Maybe you bought a used camera and you needed to test it out
  • Maybe you’re selling a camera and you need to test it out

User Review – Mamiya 7 Medium Format Rangefinder

  • The 7ii has multiple exposure capability. 
  • Different dark slide controls, the original 7 has a dial that you turn, the 7ii adds a lever that folds out.
  • Strap lugs; the original 7 has its lugs on one side, so the camera hangs vertically on you. The 7 ii has the lugs in the standard position like any other camera.


Delta 100    

Fuji 160s


Portra 400:

Alcohol Stays Inside Flag
Just some images (okay, a lot of images) from my 2014 – the year of the Mamiya 7.  In conclusion, this is one of those cameras that if you are able to get your hands on, you might not be able to let go of it.  Highly recommended…