5 Reasons Why you should be shooting Polaroid Originals

Earlier this month, the company formerly called The Impossible Project announced a rebranding as Polaroid Originals.  Upon this announcement (which we anxiously awaited a week to hear), there were widely varied reactions to this news; some people thought that Impossible were abandoning the instant film community and were angry about it (Impossible bought the Polaroid name and rebranded, they didn’t disappear….).

Some asked what exactly this meant (As Polaroid Originals, TIP [The Impossible Project] would have now have household name recognition which would enable them to reach a broader audience of consumers, and we as photographers wouldn’t have to constantly explain what Impossible Project was to people on the street).

There was also wide spread disappointment that the announcement said nothing regarding the status of pack film / peel apart, which since F***’s discontinuation of FP-100c last year has left photographers who loved the look of that film in a lurch.

There was some excitement at the release of a new camera, the OneStep 2 (RTF is EXTREMELY excited about this), and also the reduction of price for what has been the best generation of film since Polaroid shut its doors back in 2008. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why you should be shooting Polaroid Originals”

Its 2017 people, can we stop talking about it yet?

If you find yourself online in a photography forum somewhere, anywhere these days  (and this happens in just about any of them, I belong to a group on Facebook where the conversations deal more with the art of photography and someone recently posted one of these articles), you might notice a particular opinionated discussion come up.  This discussion keeps coming up again and again and again and for some reason it won’t die (and because it won’t die, articles like this one pop up complaining about them):

Film VS Digital

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